How Soulbound Tokens Could Revolutionize Social Identity Representation in the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem?

The concept of soulbound tokens (SBTs) was introduced in a paper by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, and others, as a way to address the lack of social identity representation in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and to create more collaborative and fascinating ecosystems. According to the authors, soulbound tokens provide the basis for a decentralized society (DeSoc), which is a co-determined sociality in which communities and souls come together bottom-up as emergent features of one another to co-create plural network goods and bits of intelligence at various scales.

A soulbound token is a publicly verifiable and non-transferable nonfungible token (NFT) that represents an individual’s credentials, affiliations and commitments. This provides a more comprehensive and verifiable representation of an individual’s reputation or history, allowing for a more authentic and transformational path for the DeFi ecosystem. For example, a Soul can represent an individual’s employment history, which can be self-certified similar to information in one’s curriculum vitae. This allows for the creation of more complex and sophisticated smart contracts such as apartment leases or other real-world transactions.

We are now in Bilişim Vadisi!

We are now in Bilişim Vadisi! We were also entitled to produce projects in the Bilişim Vadisi, where eminent institutions and organizations of our country produce projects. We are taking new steps every day to serve you better and to increase our service quality. We are determined to analyze your needs and produce solutions with our Bilişim Vadisi R&D Office, which is one of these steps. Contact us for our package solutions and consultancy services.

MyTech Work Force Management

It is our Online and Offline Project, Supported by Web and Mobile Solutions, where you carry out your maintenance and repair activities that we developed as SAP (Work Manager-Syclo-Agentry) or Native Mobile.

It is a product where you can follow the field on the map with additional modules such as additional messaging/communication, location tracking, etc.

It is a detailed functional product that is also suitable for the production sector, follows the machine repair-maintenance processes, and monitors and manages the planned unplanned maintenance, breakdown and downtime processes.

Work Manager is a SAP product. In our company, we prepare your processes with our Work Manager certified consultant.

In addition, if you are not using SAP, we have transferred our field operation experience to our Android and Web-based native application, which we developed, so our SAP quality product will save you many field operation costs.


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